The Best Way to Pick Out an Angel Sculpture for the Garden

One of the main difficulties for decorating the garden is choosing decor. If we can’t get past that first step, the backyard is going to look pretty plain. However, at the same time, we can’t jump at the first statues and other garden decor items we come across because that will probably result in a backyard decorated with cheap, below average statues, or a hodgepodge of items that end up diminishing or even tarnishing the character of the backyard. When picking out decor for a new summer garden season, it’s worth it to stop and think about what we would like to display in the backyard and how we would like to showcase those items before we even think about purchasing that first statue.

For example, a good place to start is with decorating themes. A tropical flavored garden can be a summer time hit, especially for folks who love to throw parties and grill outside. A fantasy-themed backyard is also made possible with a bevy of dragon and gargoyle garden statues, Celtic sculptures, and other unique decor. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to classic sculptures either, and that’s where angels come into the picture.

Sculptures of angelic beings have played a standard role as decor for gardens, cemeteries, and plazas for centuries. Although most are found in churches and cathedrals, they are also seen in Victorian gardens and in any backyard where beautiful, classic decor is appreciated. We also see a variety of angel sculptures because they come in more forms than most people expect. We hope that these suggestions will help in picking out the best angel statue for the backyard:

Centerpiece statue or smaller decor: One of the first main things to consider is the size of the angel sculpture. Browse a good selection of angel statues and we find quite a few large angels, several medium-sized sculptures, and more than enough small ones to choose from. If we buy a large angel like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture, it could easily act as majestic centerpiece decor. However, if the backyard isn’t big enough to host an angel of this size, it might be better suited to the smaller yet just as elegant Angel of Patience Sculpture. Or, we could go smaller still with a couple of cherub sculptures or an easy-going Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture.

Which type of angel? Before buying an angel, we also need to be aware of the different types of angel sculptures available for the garden. There are eye-catching, impressive angels suitable for a cathedral, praying angels, motherly angels that walk with or hold children, shy angels, child angels, and more artistic representations of heavenly beings like the “Extended Grace” Angel Statue. In choosing the type of angel, we should always keep in mind how it will complement or fit into the general decorating theme, as well as if we would like to use it as an interior statue during the winter months.

Where to show the angel? Before picking out any angel sculpture, we also need to think about where we are going to put it on display. Do we want to put the statue in a quiet corner of the garden to act as inspiration for contemplation? Or, will it look better when placed shortly after the entrance to the garden? Envisioning where each angel looks best will help us pick out the best one for the garden.

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