How to See More Hummingbirds with Garden Decor

It’s June and it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors. We take advantage of the warm, summer weather by spending more time in local parks, going camping, and doing other, fun outdoor activities. Although we often take vacations at this time of year, we don’t really need to travel very far to savor these beautiful summer days. All we need to do is step out the back door and we can relax by the pool, work in the garden, host fun, outdoor dinner parties, or just admire the natural and sculpted beauty of backyard garden statuary and decor.

Although we all love a classic angel statue, and beautifully detailed sculptures of deer or other wild animals, the natural, green factor is just as important. Trees, flowering bushes, and other vegetation help turn the garden into a private green oasis, especially when they attract beautiful goldfinches, woodpeckers, robins, and other wild birds. One of the most interesting types of birds that can visit the garden is so unique; it hardly seems to be a bird at all. This special avian animal is the hummingbird, and there are things we can do to attract more of these miniature beauties to the garden.

With quickly beating wings and flashing colors, hummingbirds are probably the closest thing to real garden fairies any of us will ever see. Although just one species lives in the east, it’s pretty common and can occur in any garden close enough to woodlands or other natural vegetation. Out west, there are more species, especially in the deserts and mountain forests of southern Arizona and New Mexico. However, no matter where a garden happens to be situated, there are certain things we can do to bring more of these feathered dynamos into the backyard. These are a few tips to see more hummingbirds in the garden:

Red decor: Since hummingbirds feed on brightly colored flowers, they are often attracted to bright red decor. They will also check out orange, or yellow decor in search of nectar. Put out a statue or two of a gnome, and we might see a hummingbird come to investigate. As soon as it realizes that it cannot feed from that garden gnome or other colorful sculpture, it will leave but we might be able to keep it around with other aspects of the garden.

Outdoor garden fountains: Just about every small bird is attracted to water, including hummingbirds. Since they are so small, they will probably wait until other birds have left, but once they see their chance, hummingbirds will come in and bathe. They do so by hovering and dipping into the water as well as sitting on a surface that is washed with a very shallow stream of water. This is why although they will come to classic fountains like the Lovers Under Umbrella Sculptural Fountain, hummingbirds seem to prefer ceramic fountains like the Burnt Umbra Ceramic Jar Garden Fountain, or the Ceramic Rippling Jar Garden Fountain.

Planters: While hummingbirds love to visit feeders with sugar water, they also love feeding from a variety of small flowers, including sage and honeysuckle. These and other suitable flowering plants can be planted in various parts of the backyard, but they look even better when placed in a sculptural planter. Hang that planter next to the back door and we might be greeted by hummingbirds every time we step into the backyard.

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