How to Create a Tropical Backyard

It’s Memorial Day! We hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday and kicking off the summer season with family and friends. Many of us also mark the beginning of summer by decorating the backyard with a variety of sculptures and garden decor. Whether we happen to decorate the backyard today or plan on doing that next week, we also have to think about how we want to decorate the garden for this summer season.

If we spend a lot of time in the backyard relaxing by the pool, or reading a book while lying back in a hammock, we might want to augment that easy-going feeling with tropical surroundings. That is easy enough to accomplish if we live in Florida, New Orleans, or southern California but a bit more of a challenge for those of us who reside in the Chicago land area, New England, or other places where palms don’t grow. However, turning any backyard into a place with a lovely tropical atmosphere can be done, especially if we use the right set of decor.

Living, natural decor is an essential part of the scene, whether we can cultivate tropical plants or not. In all likelihood, humid, summer weather will actually make it possible to put some tropical plants in the backyard. No, they won’t last beyond August but while those tropical annuals are present, they will play an important role and help us feel like we are relaxing in the West Indies, on a Panamanian beach, or some other permanently hot, beautiful locale.

We don’t need to stick to annuals either when putting tropical plants in the backyard. Potted plants can work well in a garden setting especially such species as figs, dracaenas, and any other number of exotic plants that grow in rainforest and other tropical climates. Even better, when the weather starts to change, we can continue using those plants inside the home.

Since most of our ideas of beautiful tropical places also include a visit to the beach, a pool fits in very well with a tropical theme. Any in-ground pool will work; all we have to do is give it a tropical look with certain types of decor. Polynesian-themed decor is always a good choice, and fun furniture items like the Lono (Tongue) Grand Tiki Sculptural Table can double as a place to put a cold, tropical drink.

Poolside tropical decor can also take the form of mermaid statues, sculptures of dolphins, colorful reef fish, sharks, or such beach birds as pelicans. No matter what we display next to the pool, we want to show sculptures and decor that reminds us of Tahiti or other tropical places where a sea breeze rustles the fronds of coconut palms.

Since tropical themes also go hand in hand with summer garden parties, party decor can also work well. That includes fun furniture in the shape of a crab, hilarious animal garden statues, and any other decor that promotes conversation and good times. That party decor also includes fun lighting, wall decor that adds to the tropical atmosphere of your place, and animal statues of toucans and other tropical birds and sea turtles. Sculptures of life-like alligators or tigers will also add natural drama and keep guests on their toes!

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