Five Tips for Showcasing Favorite Garden Statuary and Decor

Favorite decor can take many shapes and forms. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if there is one thing that unites favorite garden decor, it’s the high quality of the decor in question. A garden sculpture or other decor item often becomes a favorite when it shows a certain rare character, beautiful, life-like details, or other aspect that generates an emotional response. Some of us have a favorite animal statue because the sculpture looks as if it’s going to get up and walk around. Others prefer a stunning angel statue that wouldn’t be out of place in a European cathedral or museum, whereas some folks have a favorite that comes in the form of a small, yet creative and colorful, garden gnome.

No matter which type of garden decor happen to be a favorite, these are five tips to help showcase their beauty:

Display the statue in a prominent spot: Put the sculpture in a place where it can always be seen and its beauty can be enjoyed every time we enter the garden. If that beautiful statue of a child or impressive outdoor water fountain is placed in the middle of the yard or is always in view, it will also make an impression on every garden guest. One of the easiest ways to put the spotlight on a sculpture is by placing it on top of a column or plinth. This increases the height of any sculpture and turns it into centerpiece decor.

Welcome decor: What better way to make an impression that welcoming guests with your favorite, high quality garden decor. Place the sculpture within view of the entrance to the garden and guests can’t help but notice it. The type of decor that greets them might also make an impression on how they perceive their hosts. For example, if they are greeted by an eye-catching statue of a Celtic dragon, they may feel that the owners have a good appreciation of fantasy novels and movies, as well as medieval history. If the “Go Home!” Castle Imp Gargoyle Solar Garden Statue is the first sculpture they see, guests will know that their hosts have a good sense of humor.

Reserve the decor for a secret corner of the garden: Although a favorite statue will always look good when displayed where everyone can see it, we don’t have to show our favorite statues this way. Folks who feel that the statue merits a dignified place of honor can show its beauty in a quiet corner of the garden. This works well for favorite decor items that happen to be memorials for loved ones and pets, sculptures that have personal significance, or a fountain that acts as a private oasis for garden birds. This way, we can also show guests this favorite, private spot and decor when we are ready to share it with them. Likewise, it gives us the chance to reserve that special decor for ourselves and the people who will appreciate it the most.

Right next to the pool: Getting back to displaying decor in a prominent spot, the poolside can be a great place for showing a favorite garden statue, especially if it happens to be a sculpture of a mermaid, crocodile, or maybe even a shark!

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  • These are great tips for showcasing garden statuary. I especially liked your tip of reserving decor for a secret corner of the garden. I have a place in my yard that I have made into a memorial for my family. I am from a big family, and in the last few years, we have lost some of our beloved family members. My special place has angel and cherub statuary and garden stones with different sayings. It is a comforting and peaceful place. Thank you for your article.

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