Five Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

As we gear up for summer, there’s one chore that some of us need to take care of before we truly kick off the garden season. The new, warm weather offers a chance to get all of that unwanted stuff out of storage and sell it right out of the garage. It’s also a good excuse to take stock of garden decor and whatever else happened to be stored away in the attic, garage, or other cubby holes, and see which items need to go. The best place to sell all of that stuff is right out of the garage or on the front lawn, but despite the popularity of garage sales, those items don’t always sell themselves. These are some tips to sell more during yard or garage sales and help clean out the house:

Hold it after spring cleaning: Make sure to clean the house before actually holding the sale and not because we will be inviting garage sale customers in, but because this is how we find all of the stuff we are going to sell. If we just grab a few things here and there to sell in the garage, there will be lots of other things that we overlook. It’s better to put in the time and effort to go through the entire house and gather anything that could be sold to offer more to customers and hopefully sell off a high percentage of unwanted items over the course of one weekend. 

Advertise: As with any business of selling things, advertising will bring in more customers. Although we could hope that word gets around without putting out a few ads here and there, unless you are already famous and have thousands of followers on social media, don’t expect many visitors. Attempting to sell without letting large numbers of people know about it usually ends up being a sad waste of time. To avoid that outcome, we need to place ads for the garage or yard sale that show the time, place, and dates of the sale. To know where to publish or show those ads, take a look around and see how other garage sales are advertised. Are the ads in the newspaper, on social media, or posted at the church or on phone posts? Go with one of these options or all of the above to get the word out and connect with your market. The better the connection, the more likely  you can keep the sale to one, successful weekend. 

Use signs and Categorize: Now that the sale is underway, we have to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Save them time by organizing and categorizing the second-hand wares and put clear signs showing where they can find the garden statues, books, music, lamps, and so on. Essentially, treat the sale like an outdoor store because that it pretty much what it is.

A weekend sale: Don’t just host the sale for one day. Make the garage sale a weekend event that goes for either two or three days. Some folks might only be able to attend on Saturday, others on Sunday, and many might not hear about it until Saturday.

Final discounts: On the final day of the sale, give discounts on everything, bigger discounts on the stuff that needs to go. We don’t have much to lose on the last day of a temporary sale meant to clear unwanted stuff out of the house so we might as well give two for one discounts, 80% off, or whatever it takes to not put that stuff back into storage.

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